About us

About the Store:

Established in 2016, Meet Your Maker is the brainchild of old friends turned business partners, Rob Evers and Leigh Cooney. We are a small boutique gift shop and tiny gallery nestled in the historic town of Stratford Ontario. We are devoted to independent designers and craftspeople. It is our goal to encourage shoppers to rethink their purchasing habits and to build a better global community through socially conscious shopping. Our motto is "think big, shop small." 


About the Gallery:

We are currently accepting submissions for our line of 2018 group exhibitions. Please read this page carefully before submitting.

About the Gallery.

At just 160 square feet we are arguably Canada’s smallest professional gallery. We have hosted  approximately 21 small exhibitions in the space since October 2016, introducing Stratford and the thousands of tourists who visit there each season to a diverse mixture of established and up-and-coming artists with a taste for the dark, outrageous, kitschy, or absurd in underground art.

We focus on figurative/narrative paintings, photography, and sculpture. We appreciate humour, lowbrow subject matter, pop-culture, socio-political commentary, and “naive” folk art. We do not showcase abstract expressionism, traditional landscapes, etc. There are lots of opportunities for showcasing your work in Stratford and surrounding areas and we would love to come see your work at any of those establishments. Feel free to invite us. Seriously. Just make sure the drinks are flowing freely.

PLEASE be aware, we are very busy people and although we would like to, we can not possibly follow up with every submission, and we can not offer suggestions or advice. If we think your work is a good fit we will contact you, PLEASE do not contact us to see if your work has been reviewed. We can assure you that we look at each and every application personally.

Our exhibitions are more often than not, fun and whimsical experiences. Often the experience itself is as much a piece of art as the paintings, photos, and sculptures contained within. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and we don’t want you to either. We opened Meet Your Maker to get away from the whitewashed walls and establishment politics of traditional galleries where “fun” and “art” are not good bedfellows. The final decision as to whether or not something is or is not “art” is no longer in the hands of a handful of academics. Everyone is welcome to take a seat at the table and should be encouraged to spend time with art and the people who make it. If this is something you feel uncomfortable with you should probably carry on. Otherwise, welcome to the fringe. Pull up a seat and pour yourself a drink.